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obstacle course for teenagers. and a live look from cape canaveral, florida. weather is a huge issue for the historic final flight. there's another pressing problems nasa could be facing as well. we will tell you about that on this friday morning. >> thunderstorms didn't stop overnight. but some of the damage is done. power outages have been reported in some areas and some people are dealing with hours and days of cleanup ahead of them. the winds, the tremendous rains and they pelt the parts of baltimore. >> lynette charles is tracking the storms but we begin with coverage from halethorpe where linda so is with an assessment of the overnight damage. linda. >> reporter: charley, this neighborhood in halethorpe was hit hard when the storms came through. this is niagara court. so many trees down. when the storms rolled through, they really snapped the trees in half. you can see splintered the wood. but again, the trees land in front yards and -- landed in front yards and they are
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blocking the street. power is out to a lot of homes. when the trees came down they brought down a lot of power lines with them. bge crews have been working throughout the night to try to get power. they have a lot of work to do just because the a damage they are dealing with. they are hoping to get the power back on sometime today. but really, they think it will be later this afternoon perhaps this evening when the power will be on. you can see the power lines there. but another tree in front of the home just snapped in half. when the rains came down, you can see right there in the street, trees in the street i mean on our drive out here, in this neighborhood alone, we counted about 10 trees that were down. luckily, no reported injuries. but another area that was really heard hit by the storms yesterday was dundalk. there was a roof of an apartment building that was actually torn off by the strong winds. we spoke with one woman who said that literally, many of the units in her building were damaged. she lost everything when the rain came through when the roof
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was torn off. you know, it soaked her belongings and furniture and carpet and she doesn't have anything left. let's listen to what she has to say. >>i was scared i didn't know what was going on. and one roof came off and another roof came off. i was worried that everything was going to fly in here. >> reporter: but, again, a lot of cleanup in this neighborhood in halethorpe. this is niagara court. the trees just snapped in half. power lines just still laying there. bge crews have a lot of work to get the power back on. at the height of the storm there were 13,000 homes without power. bge crews were able to get the power back onto a lot of them, but people like the ones here are dealing without power this morning. we see a gentleman coming out of his home. but you know, they've lot of cleanup to get done. they will be spending this morning and this weekend trying to get things back in order. but, that's what happened here in halethorpe now over to lynette charles. anything like that today?
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>> yes. i am afraid so. we could get some severe weather in here once again. we are talking about those trees, toppled over we could see straight line wind that's going to be the biggest threat if there is a severe thunderstorm. so right now, we are dealing with a freaky friday. we had a freaky thursday as well. you know what? we have a flash flood watch for today. not as hot but still humid outside. so not feeling all that great. the showers and storms are likely for today. and then we start to dry out going through the weaning. that's going to be the silver lining in all this. the flash flood watch is through tonight and it's for all the areas shade in green. so basically, our entire viewing area. we had the flash flood watch out because some of the thunderstorms are going to put down a lot of rain and just -- in just a matter of a couple hours. that's what we are working with as we go through the rest of today. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up anything right now. grouf need to do cleanup to the damage you got yesterday, the power crews hopefully they will get out there this morning
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because by the afternoon maryland's most powerful radar will look different than this. we are looking at temperatures this morning. not too bad. we have been used to the temperatures in the 70s alacross the board here. we are looking at centreville at 73. and the humidity once again very high at 94%. let's send it over to tonya with track. >> reporter: good morning. flooding causing road closures on york road at beaver run lane and ashland. be aware of that. use an all the terntive route -- and youtertive route. -- all the terntive route. -- alternate route. >> reporter: accident an -- 108 is closed at elliot oak road and trees down at robert crane highway southbound at johns hopkins road in anne arundel county. megan. >> thanks. it's 4 minutes after 6 this morning. a man is traumatized after watching another man die in his arms after being stabbed to death on the 4th of july on the inner harbor. he didn't want to be identified
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so we are concealing his face and voice. he want you to hear the story. >> he was like this. and his head was right between my legs and he looks up at me and that's when he died. >> the man who we are going to call john the intended target in the attack. he he interviewed -- he intervened after his brother shouted a racial slur towards a suspect. victim his brother and friends were drinking prior to the attack. police say the response time to the accident was -- incident was within minutes but john says despite what city officials say there was little police presence during the incident and before. the suspect has not been arrested. casey anthony will be released one week from this sunday. court officials told the media it was going to be next wednesday, july 13th burks the judge and lawyers have recal cue lated the time served since
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2008. the jury acquitted -- acquitted her of killing her 2-year-old daughter but a judge sentenced her to four years for lying to investigators about that child's death. a mother wants to know why there were no lifeguards on duty when her son drowned at sandy point state park back on 4th of july -- on the 4th of july. she had to work on man and let her son go with -- on sunday so she let her son go with family members to the park. he swam out to get a ball thrown into the water and disappeared and was found 15 minutes later. while sandy point opens at 6 in the morning, the park only provide lifeguards from 11 in the morning until 6 at night. >> saquan kept saying please please and i said you can go only condition they keep a good eye on all my babies because all thee was going. >> his mother lost her eldest son in shooting and her mother to cancer within the last year. the little boy will be buried
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next wednesday. all right. locust point is mourning the loss of a legend who was a friend to many. vincent rallo died in towson he ran the restaurant his father started when he imgreated from i willly -- from italy in 1910. you know you may be about to take your child out of the crib. but a new study is saying dangers do exist with this baby equipment. a study suggest crib related injuries are higher than you may have thought. doctors found more than 9,000 children end up in the emergency room due to cribs, playpens and bassinet injuries. parents should remember your child's crib should only contain a mattress, and a tight fitting sheet. don't use blankets, pillows or bumpers. and make sure the crib, the play pin or bassinet makes current standard and is not the subject of a recall. >> they were sleeping later than normal, so i thought e.
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need to check on them -- i thought i. need to check on them and connor was hanging by his shirt on thecrib. >> doctors say it's important to note when your child reaches 18-month-old they are stronger and more mobile than you think and doctors say pay pour attention to them and watch them more closely. today area teens are taking on the road all in an effort to keep you safe from the driving dangers. sherrie johnson joins us live from m and t bank stadium with the details. are you going to be getting behind the wheel of a car this morning? >> reporter: no. i am not going to be getting behind the wheel of a car, but we do have a nice instructor jeff over here. he is going to be starting this obstacle course. look over here if you pan over towards jeff. he is going to get started on the course. this is part of a summer of safety programs sponsored by all state. teens will participate in a safe driving challenge. teens will drive through the course trying to avoid cones
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and focus on the roads while learning about the dangers of driving. now let me tell you. drivers under the age of 20 are the most likely to be involved in distraction related fatalcrashes and right now i am adam a. spokesperson for all state joining me live. good morning. tell us why is this so important? >> >> it's from a public safety crisis where we have every year 5500 people are dying in crashes related to distracted driving. in maryland alone last year we had 36 teens killed. 4500 injuries. and we just want to drive home how important it is that people don't drive distracted. we also want to raise awareness of support of a federal graduated driver's licensing law which we show we have data that those shows can prevent fatalities up to 30 to 40%. >> reporter: and when teens leave this morning, what do you want them to get out of this and tack away from this? >>i want them to have the experience of seeing what distractions can do. there's kids that think i can
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drive well and i can text well and they can but they can't do both at once and we want them to see what it feels like. there's cones that they will hit when they are seeing that you know, they are not as able to do this as they think and we want them to take that home and share it with their family and friends and let them know driving while distracted is not a joke. we want the parents out there to see that this is something they need to be talking to their teens about the same way they talk about anything else involving safety. cigarettes sex and we want them to talk about distracted driving. teens surveys say 90% of teens say it's their parents who are most influential how they drive. we wants parents to be a good example. >> reporter: we will catch up with you guys later in the 6:00hour to talk more about this. this kicks off at 10 this morning and runs until 1 p.m. so a. lot of good information out here. jeff, the instructor did really well on that obstacle course. wouldn't do as well and
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probably hit a lot more cones. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> we need to get the camera rolling and have her go through that. >> do it. all right. he is credited with changing the way the national football league was played. more importantly, he was known as loving the city. coming up, -- >> coming, we remember the hall of famer john mackey. one of the royals coming to the states. the importance of the visit to the golden state. . i walked two miles through a cornfield, let's play football. >> you want to see the parody stars ray lewis and a teen heart throb. we will talk about this -- heart throb. we will talk about this but first up to new york with the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's monde the -- money, the administration is cutting the number of
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foreclosures extending the length of the period during which unemployed homeowners can miss their mortgage payments. big pickup trucks are not selling. instead they are sitting on dealer lots and now there's concern there could be price wars and lower profits later this year. the biggest backlog of inventory is gm's full-sizeed pickup. and that's not a problem for the toyota prius. the automakers expects the sales to beat last year despite the natural disasters will yerl that cut production. the increase in prius sales was fueled by high gas prices. and back to school sales are starting early this year. one reason for that is that stores are nervous about consumer spending despite yesterday's good retail spending numbers. last year, consoupers spent more than dr can consumers spent more than $-- more than -- last year, consumers spent more than $5 million. i am peggy bunker.
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welcome back on this friday. he was a legend credited with leaf losingizing the -- ref loseizing the way -- revolutionizing the way the tightend was played. he was one of the kindest giants you could meet emmett could beat the bears cowboys and the -- meet. he could beat the bears and cowboys and he couldn't beat dementia. here jamie costello. >> reporter: coput an army of men on his -- he could put a army ofman men on his back and -- of men on his back and until this we have nen seen this before out of the tightend position and before ozzie and shannon, there was john mackey. elect to the hall of fame in 19 -- elected to the hall of fame in 1992 he didn't accept the
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ball he said i played in baltimore where i would take my ring e ripped them off and hand to you to try on and said there you won a super boat without a hit. but he took hits and tackles so much that it clouded his mind, a mind that eroded as we stood by. his wife never left his side. >> you know you look at her and the pressure put on her to be able to handle a situation like this to be able to watch john. she had to go back to work because of the head cal coverage that was not pro-- medical coverage that was not provided by the nf-l. we should, as old-timers be be able to get medical coverage to be able to cover the guys because they really need it. it's ironic we have an nfl lockout on the day of his death. squabbling over 9 million. mackey was a peacemaker ask john. >> it wouldn't have happened john mackey would have gottened
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it settled. >> reporter: a man who caught passes and the union leader put monday in the pockets of players and moved back to baltimore because we would love him to the end he has reach his final end zone tonight. john mackey, dead at the age of 69. >> that was jamie costello reporting. coming, we will share your thoughts and remembrance on the passing of john mackey and what he meant to thousands of you across the state. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> all right. a colorado woman barely escapes the car after rain swamped denver's metro area. you can see the vehicle nearly covered in water under a bridge. she says she was headed home when the rain began to fall. the driver's car eventually sank in the high waters. she grabbed her computer and daughter high school dprad situation as itel before climbing out of the
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-- graduation tassel before cloimg out of the -- climbing out of the vehicle. people don't realize how powerful water is six inches can swipe you off your feet. you don't know if the ground is this when you see standing water. moisture today, lots of water out there. and this is going to could be tribute to the high dew points. we are going to get some rain in here and also thunderstorms whether they turn severe or not. satellite and radar not picking up on anything right now. cloud moving in going throughout the day and going into the afternoon, the chance for them to pop up out there and all this is kurt sift stationary prong -- courtesy of the stationary front. we are getting the moisture feed in here. it will continue going through the rest of the day. you heard me talk about the strong thunderstorms. the storm prediction center has
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entire maryland, the state, under a slight risk. and the biggest threat is microbust which is a column of air that distributes the power to the ground. we are going to be seeing that going throughout the day. future radar shows what i am talking about. the rain will move in here and thunderstorms are moving in. as we go through the remainder of today, saturday, sunday, looks spectacular. and we will be not as humid. so drier weather will prevail. 86 for today. a flash flood watch going into tonight and by tonight the temperatures comings in around 69. okay. let's head over to tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. 108 reopen at elliots oak road in columbia. the tree has been moved out of the way. traffic out there moving pretty fine at liberty road on the outer road. the usual volume. the accident that we had in ann adundel county 100 east -- anne
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arundel county at 100 east has cleared up. you had the royal wedding and now the soil visit. >> okay. the -- royal visit. >> okay. they will be in los angeles today and in the city and country are buzzing. >> something is not right about that. >> the hat? >> yes. >> i love it. thr expected to take -- they are expected to take part before they take off to california. new lampoon looking a -- taking a page out of field ofdreams asking one question will football season start. >> ray lewis is asking the same. >> any time you know you are welcomeed here. >> oh. ray lewis? are you a ghost? >>i walked two miles through a cornfield many let's play some football.
6:21 am
ed parody stars taylor lautner who most moms and daughters know from the twilight saga. >> that was ray lewis again. >> pretty good. >> it's really good. if you see it it's about 4 1/2 minutes and it's a really good well produced thing. >> check it out. stay with us, there's been developments overnight in israel. >> getting word israeli forces are blocking hundreds of activists from flying into israel this morning. also ahead this morning, a phone hack scandal brought down rupert murdock tabloid newspaper. answer the prime minister will give about what happened -- about what happening this morning. you are watching "good morningmaryland" first and only at 4:30 this morning. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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about 6:25. around the world today, 200
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palestinian protesters trying to reach israel have been blocked by airports in europe and taboo american activist who arrived in israel were depoured overnight. 600 -- deported overnight. 600 people were supposed to be part of the protest and israel asked for a airline to prevent blacklisted travelers from boarding plights. david cameron will face the media after a phone hack scandal brought down rupert murdock sunday tabloid newspaper. he could expect questions about his decision to hire former news of the world editoras as the official spokeswall. his -- spokesman. >> 6:25 right now. a chinese mine owner offered pony to rescuers who -- money to rescuers who find missing miners dead or alive. they have been trapped underground some for a week in three incidents. the mine owner posted a notice offering $3 hundred 4u7b,000 to
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rescuers -- $300,000 for each miner pulled out alive. china's mining industry is the deadliest in the world but they have improved safety standards in recent years. a night at the ball park for a man and his son. >> the game what tragic and deadly ending. one major league baseball will be rethinking how the fans sit and react when they are in the stands. they were bouncing off my chest and the camera. one hit me in the back and burned my neck and shirt. >> a cameraman was covering the news and became the news. fireworks fire fight that didn't -- the fireworks fire fight that didn't end peacefully. >> reporter: there's new information in the murder investigation of phylicia barnes. coming up, what authorities are looking into.
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♪ for the big day ahead of you morning. big day, huh? morning, mom! are you excited? ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup. now "good morning maryland ." details into how phylicia barnes died. the search warrant obtained and how they can provide information for law enforcement. >> a video of a utility workertrapped on the wire but the fire was the first concern. and trying to get marylanders back to work. senator mikulski

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